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There’s a recycling campaign in North Carolina that’s got a Web site at re3.org. That can’t be good for me.


  1. Why isn’t it good? Looks like you have lots of blogging experience. Any advise to give?

  2. Just being silly. Good luck!

    (As far as advice goes, the only thing I have to offer is to post frequently and try to sound like a real human.)

  3. I have a couple of “internet neighbors” that have caused me some hassle to work out what was going on.

    I tend to get a couple of emails a month for IERF.org, who helps teachers from foreign countries get American teaching credentials. This took me a while to figure out, because I was getting emails from Singapore, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and when I replied asking what they were looking for, nobody every wrote me back because their English wasn’t strong enough.

    Finally, I got a British teacher and I was able to work it out.

    The other thing I sometimes get emails for is JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I once got an job offer letter for someone in that organization. They all work in English, though, so there’s not so much confusion.

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