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Expanding innovation in the mobile industry

Tim Bray proposes a new business model to expand innovation in the mobile industry. Seems economically sound, and so sensible and yet radically different than today’s models that it almost certainly will never be adopted.

Here’s what I wish my phone would do that it doesn’t, right now. I think that Tim Bray’s model would probably accelerate the availability of all of these features:

  1. Load Web sites faster
  2. Allow me to delete more than one email at the same time
  3. Allow me to archive email from Gmail in my Gmail in box so that if I read it on my mobile phone I don’t have to file it later via the Web interface
  4. Know where I’m located so that looking things up on the map is easier
  5. Support instant messaging

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  1. Check out the 3g AT&T 8525. It’s a Windows Mobile Pocket PC with plenty of rich email capabilities which give you the ability to quickly send/receive, delete and archive email, check it out! There is also the newer AT&T Tilt which will be due out this month with integrated GPS to allow you to locate yourself on Google Maps Mobile in photorealistic satellite images. How cool is that? Instant messaging applications can be found by the boatload – many are free too

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