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IE7 for everyone

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 7 will no longer be restricted to only those installations of Windows XP that pass Windows Genuine Advantage validation. I’m glad to see Microsoft make the right decision here. IE7 is, among other things, much more secure than IE6. Forcing millions of computers to languish with insecure browsers punished all Internet users by making it easier for those computers to be hijacked and used to distribute viruses, send spam, or otherwise make life miserable for all of us.


  1. Define this everyone of which you speak. Does it include me? Check my User-Agent to see what I mean.

  2. I should have said “IE7 for Pirates”. Yarr.

  3. Although Internet Explorer 7 is an awful browser, I too think this is positive. Not only because of the increased security and thus reduced virus and spam distribution, but because it may result in us web developers not having to support the only lousier browser available; Internet Explorer 6, for an infinate amount of time.

    As long as these Windows-pirating morons continue surfing the web with a browser containing holes in the security and web standards implementation that are larger than barn doors, everyone else — especially web developers — are basically fxcked.

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