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Don’t read CNET

This one’s short. CNET fired Gamespot editor Jeff Gerstmann (a 10 year employee) because he wrote a bad review of a heavily advertised game. I never read CNET anyway, but now neither should anyone else. (via Daring Fireball)


  1. The whole Gerstmann thing is blowing up huge, all over the place. All over a B-list game at best.

  2. I’ve heard some more details will be coming out on Tuesday. I’m really interested in the full story behind this. I have trouble believing they would do this over just one thing. Something else had to have been going on, too. Or maybe CNET really is that stupid.

  3. I agree. They had to know. Right now many of the comment forums on GameSpot are jammed with support for Gerstmann; someone will comment on a game, and others will reply “yeah, but what about Gerstmann?” as infinitum.

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