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Bill Gates at Davos

FP Passport reports that Bill Gates will give a 30 minute speech Thursday at the World Economic Forum entitled “A New Approach to Capitalism in the 21st Century.” He will challenge business and government to do more to address the problems of disease and poverty in the developing world.


  1. Maybe he will talk about how screwed we all are if China and India don’t curtail their pollution from manufacturing.

  2. It is true that one fundamental problem the world must address is that there is no way to expand the American lifestyle to everyone else in the world given the amount of resources we consume.

  3. Maybe he could talk about how screwed the world is due to the poor example the U.S. has set for China, India and the rest of the world. But that isn’t what he is talking about specifically. He will be talking about how capitalism can be conducted in such a way that society can benefit, and not just the shareholders. What you have to understand is that in a climate of dwindling resources, those that are left out will rise up and simply take what society has failed to provide. This is about poor decisions that are being made, inadequate priorities that are being set. The United States, even after the shake-up from the loan crisis, is operating in a completely unsustainable way. It’s time to bury the greed is good mode of thought, it’s completely outdated. As the rest of the world industrializes, they are using the U.S as a model – we are NOT a good model to follow.

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