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Using games for terrorist collaboration

A defense researcher has created a hypothetical scenario that envisions how terrorists might conspire to commit a terrorist attack using World of Warcraft.


  1. Not sure how this is any different than IRC, web sites, blogs, email, IM, phones, SMS, shortwave radio or any other media where you send messages that appear “normal” within the context of the medium but contain a hidden message.

    Because it’s within a game where they would be using “war-like” coded terms it seems more “dangerous”.

    I guess a story about terrorists possibly using SMS to mimic a conversation between two teens talking about the SALE at the MALL on THURSDAY at 11:07AM doesn’t sound as ominous.

  2. I think the most credible scenarios for embedding steganographic conversation into otherwise ignored communications involve encoding attack plans into stupid press releases from military “research”.

  3. LOL. You can tell when someone is full of it because they use the word “Terrorist.”

    It is the new code phrase for “give me more earmarks or I’ll scare you again!”

    In this country, the top three causes of death are (no order): 1) Heart failure, 2) Cancer, 3) Automobile accidents

    That’s why you can get insurance for these (and general life insurance asks you if you smoke because that will affect your lifespan significantly).

    Try getting “terrorist insurance” — it would be incredibly foolish, because “terrorism” is not a repeating event. In cost terms, Money spent on terrorism risk management is wasted, because, while the impact of an event is high, the probability is so low that it is virtually nil. You’d be better off insuring against a meteor strike or alien invasion.

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