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Google SearchWiki

Lauren Weinstein considers the likelihood of success of Google’s new SearchWiki feature. Here’s the official announcement from the Google blog. The basic idea is that users will be able to provide feedback on search results, ranking them up or down in the list and entering comments on them.

It’ll be interesting to see whether spam and other forms of abuse render this feature useless. I can see the black hat SEOs burning the midnight oil this weekend to figure out how to exploit this feature.


  1. I am able to get it where i am located (mid west usa) but im not sure if all users are able to see the google searchwiki yet. If not there is a video and some screen shots of the searchwiki at http://www.thesearchwiki.com do you guys think this will become a regular feature? do you think it will effect the google search results alot from now on?

  2. I hope it doesn’t carry over into actual search results for regular searchers. They should just leave it as it is because its even open to more abuse than previous old way.

  3. thats still very helpfull, thank you.

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