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10 year anniversary preview

I haven’t really mentioned it yet, but I’m celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this blog this year. I consider the birth date of the blog to be December 18, 1998, but I didn’t really get going until January 1, 1999. Here’s one of the first posts, from January 2:

An early mention of Google

See original at archive.org.


  1. Yesterday I had a thought.

    It took me 10 years of reading blogs of others and commenting there until I opened one of mine.

    Thanks for writing, Rafe, and being a good example for me.

  2. Yea 10! Thanks for letting us ride along, Rafé. And many more.

  3. Congrats Rafe, I’ve been following since 2002. I think, might have been earlier.

  4. Congrats on making the 10-year mark.

  5. Congrats, Rafe. Yours is the only blog I’ve followed for the entirety of the past decade, and I’ve always appreciated your thoughtfulness on the wide variety of topics you cover. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years.

  6. Congrats on making 10 in a much more active state than many, myself included… 8^)

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