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Not migrating to Disqus

I’ve switched over to Disqus for comments. Let me know if you hate it.

Update: I changed my mind. I’m going to dig into some other options that provide features I’m interested in without taking over the whole comment system.


  1. This is a test comment. Just making sure the whole system works as intended.

  2. I much preferred the cleanliness of your previous setup. More features make conversations worse, and noticeably change them. No feature frippery clearly puts the content first. Rating is poor if sometimes necessary solution to a problem you don't have. (Avatars are nice. WordPress's gravatar integration, especially with identicons enabled, is great.)

  3. What I like about Disqus is that it lets registered Disqus users follow conversations through their site. That said, I agree completely that I don't like all the extra junk on the page that Disqus brings in.

  4. The other thing I hate is the comment scoring. This may not last the weekend.

  5. Old comments also seem to be gone or inaccessible. That’s a major loss.

    I don’t know the Disqus service. I am sceptical of its value.

  6. I do really like the threading of comments, which makes disqus quiet unique.

  7. I am also testing disqus and other alternatives for comment sharing. Plesae let me know if there are good options. Thanks

  8. I have to say I am a big fan of Disqus, so I would stick with it for a while to see if you get used too it.

  9. I haven’t anything yet wrong with disqus. Actually there’s more positives than negatives when compared to the others.

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