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The modern developer résumé

This job posting led me to a thought — are people getting jobs based solely on their Github profile? If not, how long will it be before people do find jobs that way?

Maybe it’ll take a Github profile and a blog. If you know what someone has written about their work over a long period of time, and you know what kind of code they’re producing, what else is left? Interviewing for team fit, perhaps, but such a record certainly takes a lot of guesswork it seems.


  1. I started a new full time gig a week ago — they still haven’t seen my resume 🙂 GitHub, mailing lists, and a blog = the new resume. I’m sure that’s not true for all types of positions but it is for the ones I’m interested in.

  2. Bottom line is that I guess I need to get off my ass and get involved. Further thoughts over here.

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