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Talk to strangers

Bruce Schneier always says that “don’t talk to strangers” is bad advice. Is this proof? On a similar note, read about Casual Car Pools.


  1. “Casual carpooling” was popular in the DC area back when I was in high school (1981) where it was called picking up, or being, a “slug” (“slug” like a fake coin for the vending machine) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slugging

  2. “Don’t talk to strangers” was always stupid generic advice. “Don’t let strangers talk to you” is more like it, and even that isn’t that important most of the time.

    It’s always good to keep in mind that even good people can sometimes be selfish, and stupid, and that a small minority of people are so twisted up inside that they do truly evil things. But the vast, overwhelming majority of people on this planet are not evil, and even if they can be selfish, they are not malicious, and if you truly need help and ask them for it, they will help you. Most people are people of goodwill, and remembering that is as important a lesson as knowing to look out for that small minority who are malicious.

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