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Impeach Jay Bybee

Think Progress has started a campaign to urge Congress to impeach Jay Bybee. Bybee is the author of the torture memo that I wrote about last week, and has since become a judge on the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

As far as I’m concerned, Attorney General Eric Holder should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate our use of torture, but there’s not much you or I can do about that. On the other hand, impeachment is a political proceeding, and we can all encourage our representatives to start impeachment proceedings. Impeaching Bybee would also start the ball rolling on a wider discussion of how torture was applied by the US government.


  1. Sounds good! While we are at it, can we also start impeachment proceedings on everyone that voted for the AIG Bonus Tax? Last I heard bills of attainder were unconstitutional.

  2. I was certainly glad that tax didn’t pass.

  3. Judge Jay Bybee must be impeached. He just authored an “Ambush Owner Scam” decision as a 9th Circuit judge. It is docket no. 09-15271. He steals property from owners by not allowing them to have any notice of a proceeding and refusing to allow them to defend. Seven defendants appealed so he said six had no rights to defend and he stole their property. He is a psychopath and now tortures American citizens and refuses to follow our law. Help us remove him from office!

    Liz Lebbos

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