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Quotable: Claire McCaskill

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill on why she tweets:

Second, as his bar graph showed, I tweet an average of 4 to 5 times a day. This has become a welcome discipline for me in Washington. As I am walking to a hearing, or riding the tram over for a vote, I think of what I want to tell the folks at home about my work or life. This, I believe, is a fairly decent way to stay connected. After all, I’m in Washington to work for them and this process reminds me of it several times a day.

The anti-Twitter backlash is stupid, but at least it has given people who enjoy or find value in Twitter a good reason to write smart things about why it’s stupid.


  1. I guess I had a frontlash against Twitter. Hated it when it came out, and hate it now.

    But I’m one of the most anti-social people you’re likely to meet .I do recognize that most people aren’t like me.

  2. It is version 0.1 of a tool, so it obviously sucks. I think it has terrifying possibilities if people don’t learn to think before they act. But as a voluntary public medium, well, it’s pretty neat.

    Talking to other people – provided you have even the tinest conscience and self-awareness – makes you smarter. Period.

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