Hate Driven Development

I’ve used the term a few times, and now it’s time to officially coin it: Hate Driven Development. It’s when you come to hate working on something so much that it inspires a surge of productivity that leads to completion. Most projects that involve this methodology include a procrastination phase.

35 thoughts on “Hate Driven Development

  1. A term I’ve used to describe projects or companies that overtly micromanage work is “Gestapo Driven Development”.

    I’ve found that after having had to work under “Gesto Driven Development” it usually leads to “Hate Driven Development”.

  2. Love and hate are really close – your hate and anger may turn into love by accomplishing the tasks you hate. For me the idea is clear but not the boundaries between love and hate.

  3. I almost agree with the definition. Here is my two cents: This project is so full of crappy code, I am driven by hate to rewrite it.

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