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Links for August 25

  • Glenn Greenwald on what all Americans should know about the 2004 CIA Inspector General’s report that was released on Monday.
  • Alex Tabarrok (the more doctrinaire libertarian half of the team at Marginal Revolution) explains why you must have a public option if health care reform will include an individual mandate. Further proof that I was completely wrong in arguing that the public option is not necessary.
  • Spencer Ackerman explains the insidiousness of torture — once you’ve embarked on a program of torture, the logical response to not getting the information you expect is to order more torture.
  • If you’re trying to embed Google Maps in your Web site and want to start with a centered map of the United States, Lebanon, Kansas is the spot.
  • Today I was trying to come up with good ways to avoid mixing JavaScript code with PHP code. Here’s a Stack Overflow question on the topic. I almost wonder whether using AJAX is better than writing PHP that emits JavaScript.

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  1. You would not have trouble with GWT, but there’s a lot to learn there.

    In general if you are trying to generate Javascript code I think something has gone wrong with your design. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t done it, I have, but it’s never been a good idea.

    If you are generating code, it’s to deal with something that varies, right? So why not make the thing that varies data instead of generated code, and make the code static?

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