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Links for September 14


  1. FYI: You’ve got an </a> closing your <i> around Inglorious Basterds.

  2. oh, yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. interesting to read your whole blog in italics (although better than yesterday’s inability to access it at all!) . . .

  3. The Times thing shows the worthlessness of most pre-emptive security measures versus detection & correction.

    Most security comes from human intervention, not from technical measures. (Obviously you need some level of basic security, but once you’ve agreed to run embedded HTML from strangers, technical measures are unlikely to help.)

    Third-party ad serving is the big problem here. You wouldn’t let a TV advertiser inject their own video feed for their commercials without pre-screening, but that is exactly what happens all the time in web advertising.

  4. Re: line cook. If you like that sort of thing and if you haven’t read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, you must. It’s kinda’ like the BOFH for chefs. Really, really good.

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