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Gourmet will no longer be published

I was shocked to read today that Gourmet magazine is ceasing publication, and that the November issue will be the last. We started getting the magazine this year (as a gift) and I have been really impressed with it. It’s interesting from cover to cover, and the photography is beautiful. We’ve made a number of really good recipes we got from Gourmet as well. One of my favorite little things about the magazine is that the subscriber edition doesn’t include any marketing copy on the cover. It’s just the name of the magazine, and the cover photo. I don’t know why more magazines don’t take that approach.


  1. You should check out Cook’s Illustrated. They are about understanding and optimizing recipes. The magazine is all content, no ads. (I’m not sure of this, not having an issue with me, maybe there are some, but I’ve never noticed them.)

    You can sign up for a trial issue on their front page, you’ll have to remember to cancel the invoice if you don’t want it.

  2. I swear by Cooks Illustrated, but it’s a different sort of beast than Gourmet.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so, Rafe! 🙁

  4. Related to magazine-ery and not cookery: Cinefex prints a separate subscriber edition without barcoding or extra copy on the cover. It’s a beautiful magazine – although it won’t help in the kitchen.

  5. I recommend Bon Appetit — always seemed to be a better ratio of recipes to ads and other chaff than Gourmet anyway, plus readers sometimes request a favorite restaurant recipe, and some of those are killer! 🙂

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