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The Postal Service as corporate welfare

Tom Schaller writes about the fact that government subsidy of the US Postal Service is pure corporate welfare, favored by big business and Republicans.

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  1. In that view, you can look at pretty much any government service as corporate welfare. Who benefits more from roads? The guy that drives 10 miles to work, or the company that has 10,000 trucks delivering goods to 1,000 different stores across the nation? Or who benefits more from our military? The guy that hardly leaves his state, or the international corporation? Who benefits more from Medicare/Social Security? An elderly lady, or the corporation that no longer has to offer health care or a decent pension to retirees.

    I think it’s safe to say that corporations benefit more than individuals from almost anything the government does.

    I do find it interesting that the one government agency that conservatives love to pick on is one of the few that is actually constitutionally authorized! Just food for thought.

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