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The CCD Future

Joe Gregorio writes about CCDs:

As I’ve thought about this over the years I’ve concluded that the promise of RFID was eclipsed by another technology out there that’s poised to become more and more disruptive, not only to RFID, but to a host of technologies, and that’s the CCD.

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  1. I recently had an acquaintance comment that it’d be nice to track objects in their inventory, and this is an inventory I have too (boards of figured lumber) so I went out searching for solutions. I found ZBar’s command line tool. I think I’m going to end up printing up some mailing labels so that I can put them on the ends of boards, and on my lumber shelves, take pictures of the boards before I stack them on the shelves, and just periodically go take pictures of the ends of the shelves. A quick Perl script to look for board IDs and shelf IDs and associate the two of them and I can search my pictures and then tell exactly where these things are stored.

    That’s got my juices flowing to all the places I can stuff a barcode and just occasionally take pictures of and feed through a script…

    Yeah, the future definitely involves a lot of CCDs. Especially if we can start working 2d barcodes into design themes…

  2. Cory Doctorow’s latest, Makers, has an interesting use for RFIDs — ubiquitous tagging of your stuff so you can offload keeping track of where stuff is to your house computer. It’s basically the GMail approach applied to stuff…

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