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Health care reform: the model

One state in America already has a health care system very much like the one that the Senate bill will create — it has an individual mandate, an exchange to buy individual plans through that acts as a prudent purchaser, and no public option. That state is Massachusetts. Ezra Klein asks Jon Kingsdale, the executive director of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority how it’s working out, three years into to the project.

Let me just add that not too long ago, most liberals would have regarded the federal government adopting the Massachusetts plan as a very large victory. Odd what expectations do to people.


  1. Not too long ago I would have regarded getting Dick Cheney to loan someone an asprin a victory. Expectations were a little higher for Obama.

  2. Health care should be for all, just like it is in the UK with their NHS program. It is not fair for people, citizens or immigrants to not be given access to health care just because they do not have insurance cover or have a pre conditioned illness. What are the taxes Americans pay for?

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