Here’s Jim Henley’s nomination for “thing of the decade”:

As Hardison said, “Age of the geek, baby!” As defeatist (and boring) as that last post sounded, the great consolation of the Oy’s, for me and people like me, was — and I mean this in a healthful, life-affirming way — our ruthless and total conquest of the culture.

Even areas that were once considered almost off limits to geeks, like sports fandom, have been occupied by geek legions. Geeks have not only changed the way sports is covered, but even the way professional sports teams are run. Geeks have finally witnessed the ascendancy of the medium in which they are the most comfortable (the Internet) and the form of analysis they most prefer (quantitative). Don’t think of it as a coincidence that CBO scores of legislation have become so important. If you don’t make an effort to crunch the numbers, nobody takes you seriously any more.

We’re living in the golden age for geeks.