I am strongly in favor of the correction of misperceptions. Here are a few links to that end:

  • Latino immigration seems to lower crime rates, not raise them, especially violent crime rates. Los Angeles (50% Hispanic) and Portland (America’s whitest city) have roughly the same violent crime rates.
  • Just because the Justice Department rejected a finding of misconduct doesn’t mean that the findings in the torture memos were sound legal advice. They weren’t sanctioned because the standards for what constitutes misconduct are incredibly permissive. Jay Bybee is let off the hook because he was a middle man, and John Yoo is let off the hook because he sincerely believes his crazy theories on Presidential power.
  • The IPCC report on climate change was not rife with errors.
  • There are no circumstances under which it is better to eat a 100 calorie pack of Twinkie Bites instead of an apple.