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The value of the iPad

This is the most interesting sentence I’ve read in all of the iPad reactions I’ve seen over the past 24 hours.

While I will bring it on some trips, most of all it feels too valuable to take very far from the house.

It’s from Tyler Cowen’s mini-review.


  1. So it’s not a phone ;-)! As a veteran (35 years) software developer I’m not interested in either this or the iPhone/iTouch/iPod because of the closed ecosystem.

    Corry nailed it pretty well here:


  2. @CitizenWill http://gizmodo.com/5508286/cory-doctorow-you-are-a-consumer-too

    @rafe I’m sure many people had the same feeling about their iPhones when they first got them too. Most shiny new gadgets keep owners fearful of theft and damage until they get that first scratch or ding and then most people realize they bought this mobile doohickey to be used on the go and get over it.

  3. Agree with Zack. I almost didn’t want to touch my iPhone when I first got it, but I got over that and it’s survived extremely well so far. People will get over it with the iPad too, especially when the price drops to $199.

  4. Oddly enough I find my iPhone deals better with being dropped than any phone I’ve ever owned.

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