John Gruber’s iPad review

If you (like me) don’t own and haven’t used an iPad, you may enjoy John Gruber’s lengthy review.

I think this bit is exactly right:

Kindle has a better chance of long-term success as a software platform than a hardware one.

From day one I have wondered whether intended to make money on the Kindle or whether it was a proof-of-concept designed to spur the market for e-books. They’ve been aggressive about porting the Kindle reader to other platforms, and seems to be doing quite well selling digital music even though they don’t sell a music player. I imagine their margins are very good on e-books, regardless of whether or not the buyer purchased a Kindle.

2 thoughts on “John Gruber’s iPad review

  1. It has always seemed to me that the Kindle device was likely a loss-leader to drive uptake of the service. (Similar to the way Xboxes and PlayStations are sold at a loss, and the difference made up in software sales.)

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