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What male friendships are like

The Wall Street Journal explains male friendships. Here’s my anecdote that exemplifies male friendship.

Around the time I got out of college, my best friend in the whole world did something that made me really mad. So mad that I just quit speaking to him. Not long after, I moved to another state for a job, and didn’t stay in touch at all since I wasn’t speaking to him anyway. A couple of years later I moved back to Houston, and I needed help carrying a really heavy armoire into my house. I called him on the phone and told him that I’d buy him lunch if he helped me move the armoire.

We moved the armoire, went out to lunch, and our relationship has been in good working order since. That’s friendship as guys define it.


  1. Yep. That pretty much is it. Interesting, that.

  2. Ha, yeah, that is so true.

  3. You’re hanging every man’s idea of friendship on some anecdote? I think that’s stupid.

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