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David Simon’s open letter to New Orleans

David Simon writes to the residents of New Orleans to beg their indulgence for minor inaccuracies inserted for the benefit of better television, and to explain that they want to be judged on whether or not they get the larger themes right. Here’s a snippet:

We offer this bit of information freely, as Exhibit A in what will surely become a long list of cited inaccuracies, anachronisms and equivocations through which New Orleanians reassure themselves that not only is our little drama a fiction, but that those who have perpetrated this fiction are indifferent to facts, chronologies, historical possibilities.

I can’t wait for the premier of Treme tonight.


  1. so, what’d you think? 🙂

  2. They’re putting the pieces in place. The pieces were all captivating, I’m eager for next week.

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