I’ve been posting links to Twitter and Pinboard, and I’m going to try to start collecting them here as well:

  • Bradford Plumer explains to a sceptic why we should act now to mitigate climate change.
  • What science tells us about how to get the most out of a vacation.
  • Fake is a browser automation tool from the creator of Fluid (the single-site browser tool) that I’m playing with. Seems great so far.
  • Internet Explorer 9 incorporates some cool new performance measurement tools.
  • Eric Meyer argues that CSS vendor prefixes are a good way to allow browser makers to innovate, and should not be discouraged. I agree.
  • Maciej Ceglowski looks into Legacy.com, the site that provides online obituaries for many newspaper Web sites, including the New York Times, and finds a business that is built around cynically exploiting the bereaved.
  • There’s evidence that exercise helps prevent the effects of aging on your brain.
  • If companies really want to save money, they should offshore the executive suite.
  • Steve McCurry digs into his archive for soccer photos.