Links from July 10

  • Terrance Aym thinks that the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico could release a giant methane bubble that ends life as we know it. He wins the “most extreme hypothetical” award.
  • Zonal Marking previews the final game of the World Cup.
  • Federal prosecutors want to charge ticket scalpers with a felony under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for bypassing CAPTCHA to purchase tickets in bulk.
  • Oh, and if you are bypassing CAPTCHA on Web sites, the NSA is setting up a surveillance program that will probably catch you in the act.
  • In the UK, the new conservative government is giving up anti-terrorism powers, just as it promised. Police officers will no longer be authorized to stop and search people without probable cause.
  • Rich people are walking away from their mortgages at a greater rate than poor people. That’s why they’re rich, I guess.
  • Etsy engineer Mike Brittain explains how they resized 135 million images in 9 days.

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