Links from July 18

  • BP is trying to buy up academics who might potentially serve as expert witnesses in lawsuits against them in the future.
  • James Surowiecki explains what’s good about the financial reform bill.
  • Edible Geography talks street food in Mexico City.
  • Stephen O’Grady discusses the argument over whether WordPress themes must be licensed under the GPL.
  • US politics may be awful, but they’re not as bad as Belgian politics. The lesson in this story is that democracy can only work if people have some level of trust that their fellow citizens are committed to the common good.
  • On a related note, right wingers are still comparing President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. Anyone think this is good for democracy?
  • Oil Leak Could Transform Repairmen Into Superheroes. There’s a headline worth clicking on, no?
  • Gay marriage marches onward toward global acceptance.
  • The words people use on their blogs reflect their personalities.

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