Strong opinions, weakly held

Things that actually turned out to be important

The New York Times asked Tyler Cowen to review and rate the ideas published in the first nine Year in Ideas pieces that they published. Looking back at the old ideas was a great idea in itself, and the resulting piece is really interesting.

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  1. Here’s my future pick; media providers will stop playing games with delivering their content wrapped in interfaces which are impossible to navigate. For example, the article you link to. I hope to gawd it won’t be an “off pick”.

    As an example, when looking at the textual list in 10 year retrospective, there were no links to those stories. I had to friggin shell out to Google. How much fricken money did they spend on the ridiculous multi-fonted text menu of other articles, and they couldn’t add a gawddamn in the friggin text? Wow.

    Even funnier, at one point, I started clicking the links in the multi-fonted-menu, and then I couldn’t figure out how to get to the 10 year retrospective list again. Resorted to reloading the page.

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