One thought on “Things that actually turned out to be important

  1. Here’s my future pick; media providers will stop playing games with delivering their content wrapped in interfaces which are impossible to navigate. For example, the article you link to. I hope to gawd it won’t be an “off pick”.

    As an example, when looking at the textual list in 10 year retrospective, there were no links to those stories. I had to friggin shell out to Google. How much fricken money did they spend on the ridiculous multi-fonted text menu of other articles, and they couldn’t add a gawddamn in the friggin text? Wow.

    Even funnier, at one point, I started clicking the links in the multi-fonted-menu, and then I couldn’t figure out how to get to the 10 year retrospective list again. Resorted to reloading the page.

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