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Rackspace is shutting down Slicehost

Rackspace is shutting down Slicehost and migrating customers to their own cloud hosting service. This blog is hosted on a 512 slice there now, for $38 a month. It’s impossible to see what an equivalent cloud server from Rackspace would cost without registering for an account. I’ve been meaning on shutting down my slice anyway because of some problems that are my own fault. I’ll be migrating the site to Linode, where I already have a virtual server.


  1. Their pricing isn’t hard to find: http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud_hosting_products/servers/pricing/

    For a 512MB: $0.03/hr. ($21.90/mo.)

    I switched my personal stuff from Slicehost to Rackspace Cloud about a year ago. I was running everything on a 256MB slice for about $20/month. When I moved to Rackspace, I split it into two 256MB servers (one dedicated for the database and one for the web app (Django) part) and it’s been about $24/month total with dramatically better performance.

    We used Slicehost at work too and have been switching over to Linode in the last couple of months. Seeing basically the same performance/price improvements. Linode’s web console is a little nicer to work with. I’ve stuck with Rackspace for my personal stuff since I’m playing around a bit with their cloud API stuff to eg, automatically bring up another server on an as-needed basis.

  2. Been with Linode for years. Love it!

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