It’s becoming increasingly clear that while Facebook is a Web site, they don’t want to join the other Web sites in the pool we know as the Web. Anil Dash has the details and a way to encourage Facebook to change its behavior. First, he makes the case that Facebook is encouraging to drive its users away from the larger Web:

Facebook has moved from merely being a walled garden into openly attacking its users’ ability and willingness to navigate the rest of the web. The evidence that this is true even for sites which embrace Facebook technologies is overwhelming, and the net result is that Facebook is gaslighting users into believing that visiting the web is dangerous or threatening.

This is, to me, the latest front in the battle over for users on the Web. Ultimately, Facebook wants users to view ads on Facebook pages, not on your Web site. Furthermore, they want to be able to observe the behavior of their users wherever they go in order to serve up ads that users are more likely to click on. Publishers want access to Facebook’s user base. Currently, Facebook is forcing them to give up an awful lot in order to get it, but hopefully that can be changed.

It’s for these sorts of reasons that I sort of passively resist Facebook. I am still using Facebook only in Chrome’s Incognito mode so that they can’t track me across the Web, and I still refuse to use services that require you to sign in using a Facebook account. I just don’t want to cede more control to Facebook.