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Matt Haughey on RSS and news readers

Thoughts surrounding Google Reader's demise

Matt Haughey talks about RSS and news readers. I’m glad to say that I just renewed my annual subscription for NewsBlur, so as a news consumer, I’m not too affected by the impending demise of Google Reader. I do worry that the loss of Google Reader will reduce the readership of RSS feeds in general, and most of the readers of this blog still read it through RSS. I’d still write the blog if only ten people read it, but it’s nice to know people are reading it, or at least marking it read in their favorite reader.

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  1. For me, the real value of an RSS reader is that I don’t miss your posts as I might with a river of news. I’m not sure how but we need a better way to communicate that to authors.

    I’ve been wondering whether it’s be possible to develop a common protocol – perhaps extending trackbacks – to allow comments on services like NewsBlur to be merged into discussion on the originating site.

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