Garret Vreeland on taking notes

Garret Vreeland on taking notes:

Every day, I stuff more articles and links in there, in anticipation of the day when I’ll need to take advantage of them. Yet when I have an issue and need to find a solution, or I am looking for a reference … time and again I simply Google.

I find myself in the same boat. I use Evernote mainly as a repository not for notes but for the weekly status reports I compose for work, and a couple of months ago I did go back and read through them all. I have 4674 bookmarks in Pinboard, and I don’t look at them all that often. It’s easier to just use a Web search.

If Google searched your notes in Keep and showed the results alongside your Web search results, that would be compelling. That probably won’t happen, for the same reason why Google doesn’t have an option for searching your Google Drive when you search the Web. It’s a strategy tax.

4 thoughts on “Garret Vreeland on taking notes

  1. I use the evernote bookmarklet which does add evernote search results right into the google search results page.

    Now when I clip a page, there’s a good chance I’ll actually see it again since I’ll always google when I need something again anyways.

  2. I simply learn better when I write/type something down. Even if I never go back to my notes, it helps me learn and remember.

  3. You know, I have Evernote showing related items in my Google searches. I never notice them – they look too much like advertisements, which I’ve long mentally blocked. I literally don’t see them unless I make an effort.

    Evernote tries hard, but just isn’t intelligent enough to suggest proper folders (in the snip bookmarklet) … I’ve turned off it’s ‘intelligence’ because it’s only about 40% correct in picking appropriate folders and keywords. The delay while it tried to select a folder was annoying and time-consuming. But after spending a few minutes with Google searches, I see it gets closer to something useful with that little widget.

    So, Adam, I’ll try to watch for Evernote results on my Google searches better. I might actually use something I’ve saved. Thanks for the heads-up.

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