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The risks of a dead man’s switch

Bruce Schneier considers Edward Snowden’s dead man’s switch, which will trigger the wide release of his trove of documents if he’s killed:

I would be more worried that someone would kill me in order to get the documents released than I would be that someone would kill me to prevent the documents from being released.

That’s the security mindset.


  1. I’m at something of a loss to understand the rationale for this kind of threat. I don’t know what Snowden hopes to accomplish. Presumably, what he wants is asylum to avoid arrest by the U.S. Tough to see how threatening the U.S. and other countries with public embarrassment is going to increase his chances of finding asylum. Meanwhile, it gives the U.S. and those other countries more time to prepare for that release. Presumably, U.S. authorities know exactly what Snowden had access to and have prepared for a worst-case situation.

  2. Did you forget to link to the original article?

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