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The latest batch of insider details on Healthcare.gov

Here’s a paragraph from the New York Times’ latest insider account of the efforts to fix the Healthcare.gov Web site (and deal with the political fallout of the problems with the rollout):

But perhaps most important, it remains unclear whether the enrollment data being transmitted to insurers is completely accurate. In a worst-case scenario, insurance executives fear that some people may not actually get enrolled in the plans they think they have chosen, or that some people may receive wrong information about the subsidies for which they are eligible.

I’d like to read a whole article about this paragraph, and not some worthless outpouring of moral outrage either. How’s it supposed to work, and what’s missing right now?

Update: From the comments, a story on the data loss issue.

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  1. I believe this is referring to the federal exchange’s trouble with the 834 EDI standard. Here’s an article in the Washington Post by Sarah Kliff about the issue:


    You can get lots more information by Googling a phrase like “healthcare.gov 834”.

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