I have a couple of long posts in the works. The first is some thoughts on Peter Seibel’s essay on feedback from a manager’s perspective. The other is a post that I started writing on Martin Luther King Day but didn’t finish.

Today I caught Jason Kottke’s post on link blogging, and it got me thinking about links as well. While I don’t publish as many posts as I once did, for a number of reasons, I do still churn through a lot of interesting links every day, and there a variety of places you can go to see them.

I have a link blog of sorts in the right sidebar, which just republishes my shared items from NewsBlur, my newsreader of choice. (They’re also published at rafeco.newsblur.com.) I also share a fair number of links on Twitter, and on Pinboard as well. To make things more confusing, Pinboard also scrapes all the links I publish on Twitter, and all the stories I save on Readability as well.

Maybe it’s time for me to get back to republishing those links here on the main blog.