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Links for February 28

It’s been a month since my last link blog post. That’s terrible.

Why is Google interested in owning the entire “.dev” top level domain?

Business Insider has a long piece on the downfall of Fab and its CEO. He turned a bad idea (yet another social network) into a good idea (flash sales of interesting goods) and then implemented a strategy that wasted tons of money and ultimately killed the company. Strategy matters.

It seems like everyone in the analytics infrastructure world is talking about stream processing. Martin Kleppmann’s post is a good starting point.

Will Yager explains why Go is not a good programming language. My main takeaway was that I don’t know or use any good programming languages.

The government can compel companies to disclose information about users and then prohibit them from reporting that they have done so. However, they are able to report that they have never been subjected to such a request. Such statements are referred to as “warrant canaries.” The EFF’s Canary Watch tracks companies that have issued these warrant canaries.

Jocelyn Goldfein explains how to ask for a promotion. Her blog is an excellent resource for all things HR-related in tech.

Branko Milanovic explains why human capital is not actually a kind of capital, and why the use of the term is harmful.

Jason Punyon’s explanation of what went wrong on the Providence project at Stack Exchange is a useful dose of reality for people making technology choices. The kinds of mishaps he describes are incredibly common and rarely discussed openly.

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  1. Happy to see more of these posts!

    That “Why Go Is Not Good” one is more about Haskell than Go, as I read it. I agree with your takeaway 🙂

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