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RIP William Moggridge

William Moggridge, 69, Dies

Moggridge designed the first laptop computer and co-founded IDEO. He was also director of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, which has posted a tribute.

Farewell, Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, First Man on Moon, Dies at 82

On one hand, the most spectacular individual achievement in human history. On the other, the fruit of the combined work of an entire civilization. John Noble Wilford, the writer of Armstrong’s obituary, wrote the front page story on the moon walk for the July 21, 1969 edition of the New York Times.

How Fisher-Yates shuffling works

Eli Bendersky explains why the Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm works:

What I do plan to do, however, is to explain why the Fisher-Yates algorithm works. To put it more formally, why given a good random-number generator, the Fisher-Yates shuffle produces a uniform shuffle of an array in which every permutation is equally likely. And my plan is not to prove the shuffle’s correctness mathematically, but rather to explain it intuitively. I personally find it much simpler to remember an algorithm once I understand the intuition behind it.

This is the algorithm that the Collections.shuffle() method in Java uses.

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