It seems the NEA would prefer a certain fictional President to our real one. They’re running excerpts from a fictional speech given at an imaginary NEA convention on The West Wing the other night on their Web site. Better, though, is the text from an email sent out by an NEA PR flack about the speech:

If you saw “The West Wing” last night, you saw the National Education Association’s logo and slogan (“Making Public Schools Great for Every Child”) prominently featured as a backdrop for a speech by President Josiah Bartlet.

The National Education Association strongly agrees with President Bartlet’s call for more teachers and better funded public schools. We know that quality teachers who teach in well equipped classrooms is a formula for student success.

We agree with President Barlet that we must come together as a country and “do better” on behalf of America’s children and America’s public schools. The President can be sure that the members of the NEA will do our share to make public schools great for every child.