Today Ha’aretz ran an article which basically stated what I’ve been thinking about the battle in Hebron in which 12 Israeli soldiers were killed, which is that it wasn’t terrorism. It was awful and senseless, but it looks to me like the casualties on both sides were soldiers. I call that combat. I don’t think anyone in Israel would claim that the Hebron is not disputed territory, the fact that the Israeli army is dominant notwithstanding. Of course, just to prove how wrongheaded Islamic Jihad is, all this will lead to is more settlements in Hebron, under the theory that the Israeli settlers can be better protected if there are more of them. My point here is that calling everything terrorism simply devalues the word. If we could somehow reach a point where the only people terrorists attacked were soldiers of governments they have a beef with, well, then there wouldn’t be any more terrorism. As ghastly as it sounds, if I have to choose, I’ll take terrorists attacking our troops stationed in Kuwait or Israeli soldiers on patrol over them flying planes into buildings or blowing themselves up on crowded buses anytime.