Michael Kinsley’s column today points out the irrelevance of the continuing search for those weapons in Iraq. People who are paying attention already know that this war was marketed based on lies, or at least distortions, and the people who are going to get outraged are already outraged.

In the meantime, the low level continuing conflict in Iraq seems to be making more and more news, and one can assume that eventually Americans will be pretty tired of hearing about American soldiers being gunned down or blown up on a daily basis while trying to rebuild a country of what they will quickly come to regard as ingrates. At that time, plenty of people will howl about how we could have made plans that would have eliminated the tragic loss of life and secured our forces over there, but it still seems to me that this is the very nature of occupation. By invading a country and signing up to occupy it until it’s back on its feet, you get the package that we seem to have opened. The question now becomes how long until we abandon the effort and throw Iraq to the dogs?