One case I haven’t mentioned at all here is that of Maher Arar. A reader sent me an email about Arar’s case yesterday, and while I’ve known about it for a really long time, I’ve never seen fit to mention it at all. Honestly, I think it’s because my outrage meter has been nearly disabled by being saturated with amazing misdeeds on a daily basis, and because I assumed everybody already knew about it. That said, Arar’s case is still special. Arar is a naturalized Canadian citizen who was born in Syria. Arar was returning from a vacation in Tunisia to his home in Canada, and had the misfortune to have to change planes in America. Airport officials for some reason suspected him of being a terrorist, so they deported him. Not to his home in Canada, or to Tunisia, but to Syria, where he was tortured by Syrian intelligence on our behalf. I’ve been complaining about this practice since October, 2001, and it sure seems like Arar’s case is about as close as you can get to a reductio ad absurdum illustration of why it is utterly sickening. Maher Arar has gotten exhaustive treatment at Obsidian Wings.