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I would have sworn it was a rumor

I honestly didn’t believe it the first time I read it, but apparently it is true that the Red Cross is not allowed to enter New Orleans and provide aid to the people who have not yet been evacuated. And don’t blame the federal government for this one, the order comes down from state officials.


  1. God, this is just insane.

    Also there are some pieces of firefighting gear placed around the countries for emergencies that was not called into use. http://www.cnn.com/2005/WEATHER/09/03/katrina.unusedgear/index.html

    Makes me sick.

    I dropped off some clothing, bedding and a few things at Goodwill today for the shelter here in Austin (5000 people are here or coming here). I plan on Monday to go volunteer down at the Convention Center to help out a little.

  2. On the other hand…

    “Bruce Vinkemulder, a minister from Battle Creek, MI arranged to send a bus to a shelter in Mississippi, where displaced people had signed up to go on the bus. Apparently, he wanted to get official approval and kept getting bumped up the chain, until a regional Red Cross director gave a more direct “no

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