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Pulling the torture threads

Last November President Bush stated without equivocation, “We do not torture.” That’s not true. Not only do we torture, but torture is the official policy of the United States and has been since 2002. The New Yorker has published an astounding article that documents the evolution of the administration’s torture policy since its inception, tying together many threads that have been reported over the years.

I was not amazed to read that there were people within the administration who stood in opposition to torture, but I was amazed to learn that rather than accommodating their views, the people making the decisions chose to simply lie to them the same way they’ve lied to the public. The bottom line is that in this administration, the people in control dismiss internal dissent the same way they dismiss external dissent. They avoid accountability because they believe themselves to be infallible.

(Via Eric Umansky, who seems to have joined the crew of bigots and psychopaths at Pajamas Media.)


  1. That was equal parts fascinating and horrifying. Thanks for the link.

  2. Thank you very much for calling this to my attention. What will be done about this?

  3. I can’t understand how people like you ( no offense ) think this is news or some kind of breaking story. What planet do you inhabit ? Do you guys think the world is what you see on TV, or Joe down at the brake n muffler shop thinks it is. What’s next, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west breaking story from “Shep” on Fox..?

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