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Ari Fleischer sinks Scooter Libby

I haven’t been following the Scooter Libby trial very closely, but it sure looks to me like Ari Fleischer might have done Libby’s defense in yesterday. Here’s Michael Isikoff:

What’s significant is the detail that Fleischer provided. He said that Libby told him not just that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA, but that she worked at the counter-proliferations division. That was a particular detail that is significant to people who know about the CIA. The counter-proliferations division is in the Director of Operations. That’s the secret arm of the CIA. It’s the most sensitive arm of the CIA. Something that Libby and his boss, Vice President Dick Cheney, very well knew. They knew the CIA like the back of their hands.

Fleischer testified that Libby that this conversation took place a few days before Libby claimed that he learned Plame’s identity from Tim Russert.

Via The Washington Note.

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  1. One of the reporters that Fleischer claims was in on the secret disagrees.

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