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New debate rule

I think that moderators of political debates of any kind should pass a rule banning the phrase “the real question.” As in, “Brian, I think the real question is, do I like puppies and ice cream? Yes, I do like puppies and ice cream.”


  1. I think I lost track of the number of times I said out loud “will you please just answer the question”.

  2. I honestly don’t know what the point of asking questions is, since it seems to be Politician 101 to answer whatever damn question you feel like, with less than five seconds segue. (And by Politician 101, I mean even your local Sheriff or Sewer Commissioner seems to be just as good at it, it’s not just a Presidential thing.)

    Just let ’em talk at each other in a timed format. Poke ’em with a conversation starter if the windbags temporarily deflate, but that probably won’t come up much.

  3. Is one allowed followups? Like, “Do you eat the ice cream with the puppy, or after?”

  4. Dick Cheney: “Mmm, puppy-flavored ice cream.”

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