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An iPhone gripe

Walt Mossberg zeroes in on one of my iPhone gripes:

Unlike on a BlackBerry or Treo, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to delete whole groups of email en masse by date, or even to select large groups and then delete them en masse. This would be a good feature for Apple to add down the line.

Deleting every email individually is a big pain. I’d even be happy a “delete the whole inbox” button.


  1. Patrick Berry

    July 5, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    I just don’t really see Apple putting a “Destroy all my data” button on anything.

  2. The iPhone does seem to be missing a lot of the features that are just barely more than the core functions of the applications – e.g. the apparent inability to free-text-search Contacts (can’t verify that myself). Mass-deletion of email fits that pattern.

    I’m sympathetic, it’s always hard to get something declared “Done” and getting every possible feature in the first version is impossible. And of course mindlessly cloning every feature ever implemented everywhere is not going to work either. Still, providing “delete multiple messages” isn’t really rocket science – one of the key problems with any device with limited storage and data pushed into it from outside is keeping up with deleting clutter.

  3. Heck, as long as Apple takes way less time than it took Google to implement the “Delete” button in Gmail, I’ll be happy.

  4. It’s funny how Walt neglected to put that in his original review which came out last week before the iPhone was available. In fact, going back and looking at it there is quite a bit he left out.

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