One of the weird things about blogging is that while I would hope that the various criticisms (constructive and otherwise) that I post would someday be read by the subjects of criticism, I never actually expect that it will happen. Is Dick Cheney ever going to swing by and decide to quite promoting torture because some loud mouthed software developer takes him to task for it? Is the person responsible for the email application on the iPhone going to see that I, like Walt Mossberg, am in favor of adding a feature enabling users to delete multiple emails at once? Granted, some of my posts have reached the subjects of those posts, but I’m always surprised.

The reason I bring this up is that Dave Cameron at Seattle Mariner fan blog USS Mariner wrote an open letter to the Mariners’ pitching coach complaining about Felix Hernandez’ pitch selection. Lo and behold, the coach, Rafael Chaves, read the letter and passed it on to Hernandez, who went on to pitch eight scoreless innings a couple of days ago. Astounding. (via Tecosystems.)