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Lessig for Congress

I endorse Larry Lessig for Congress in California’s 12th district but only on the condition that he keeps blogging if he wins.

Something tells me this is going to be a very well-funded Congressional campaign.


  1. I hope he runs. Congress could use someone with some “common” sense. It’s a shame he lives in CA and supports tax funded campaigns, otherwise I’d be signing up to volunteer for him and donating a Franklin or two.

  2. some irony here in that the power of money is one the issues he wants to fix. I agree that public funding is the way to go (along with many other improvements)[*] but he’ll need to raise a lot of private money to get into the fight.

      1. an end to paid TV/radio advertising, with all media time being contributed by the media owners are part of their license agreements.
      2. a minimum length on all media ads, making short soundbite ads a thing of the past: speak with substance or shut up
      3. while not germane to the funding issue, find some way to shorten the election cycle.
  3. I think the only sure way to shorten the election cycle is to call elections with little notice the way they do in countries with parliamentary governments. If people know in advance when the elections are going to be held, they’ll start working early to contest them.

    One other thing I like about parliamentary systems is that they seem to more openly embrace the primacy of parties over individuals, which is a more accurate representation of how politics work.

  4. It would also be nice to do away with the “winner take all” system of voting. This would eliminate our two-party-only system and actually get some of the lunatic fringe into the mix.


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